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The CoffeeBeans Club 


Food and Beverage is a massive ~$30Billion industry in the US alone. There are about ~70000 Cafe`s in the US and more than 15000000 cafes in the whole world.

``What better place can we search for if not the cafes and the restaurants for integrating and expanding the payments via cryptocurrencies??

AND ... ​

We simply love Coffee and are passionate about it !!!

At CoffeeBeans Club, using $CBNZ token and the BEANZ Ecosystem we aim to be the pioneer of the Food and Beverage industry and set an example for others to follow.


This Whitepaper does not serve as a legal tender or a legal document and in no case an investment advice, However We encourage the readers to join the CoffeeBeans Club and help us to compete with the coffee industry giants and take the crypto payments to the next level.

Team CoffeeBeans Club

CoffeeBeans Club VISION and MISSION


``Our vision is to disrupt the retail industry in general and the Coffee industry in particular with BEANZ POS payments, CoVerse and our CoffeeClubs. ``


Our mission at the CoffeeBeans Club is to develop, build and start below mentioned work-products to expand the use of cryptocurrencies.

- Cryptocurrency Cash Registers (Sw & Hw) to support checkouts and payments at stores using Cryptocurrencies.

- Develop TradingPlatforms, Wallets and other DApps to support and establish a safe and trustworthy invest platform.  


- Develop VR software simulating the real world experience of being in a Cafe.


- Invest and start our own Cafes(CoffeeClubs) working with on BEANZ ecosystem.


- Collaborate with Local Stores and Cafes to use the BEANZ POS and CoVerse.

$CBNZ Tokenomics

$CBNZ Use and Purpose

$CBNZ is designed as a deflationary token and aimed at raising capital required for the CoffeeClubs(Café) and for the other development activities in the BEANZ Ecosystem. It also aims at providing a Safe and Trustable means of passive income to its investors.

$CBNZ Total Supply

$CBNZ will have a total circulating supply of 100Billion and the token will be based on Binance Smart Chain.

$CBNZ Reflections

3% of each transaction will be reflected to $CBNZ existing holders.


2% tokens will be manually burnt every quarter, never to be seen again.


4% of each transaction will be added to the liquidation pool which helps prevent frauds and pulls.

$CBNZ Tax 

4% will be used for the marketing and development activities.

4% BEANZ ecosystem development activities, Team management and funds.


At 75% of our roadmap completed, The CoffeeBeans Club will spend 50% of its profit(~$15M- ~$30M) annually to buy back $CBNZ for a period of 10Years.

$CBNZ Allocations

Trading Platforms.

63% of the total supply will be traded over multiple trading platforms.

ICO rounds.

10% of the supply will be allocated to ICO rounds and private sales.


2% of the supply will be allocated to Marketing, sales and promotions.

BEANZ EcoSystem reserve.

25% of the total supply will be reserved for the BEANZ Ecosystem. 

The BEANZ Ecosystem

BEANZ Ecosystem will comprise of Payment Sw and Hw, cafés, CoVerse to fulfill our vision, Some of the things that we plan to do are listed below in the order of priorities: 

1. Company Registration -- planned in Q2 2022.

2. BEANZ Point of sale Hw, Sw, Pay Wallet and other DApps development release and audit.

3. CoVerse development.

4. 1 ~ 250 CoffeeClubs in 20 countries until 2030. 1st CoffeeClub will be in Tokyo -Q2 2023.

 BEANZ Point of Sale(POS)

What is a POS??

A point of sale (POS) is a place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services. POS may also be referred to as `A cash register`.  POS system calculates the price of the item, including any sales tax, and then updates the inventory count to show that the item is sold.

The retail industry is one of the predominant users of POS terminals. A retail point of sale system typically includes a cash register (which in recent times comprises a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner) and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader. The POS system software can typically handle a myriad of customer based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, layaways, gift cards, gift registries, customer loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and much more. The POS unit handles the sales to the consumer but it is only one part of the entire POS system used in a retail business. "Back-office" computers typically handle other functions of the POS system such as inventory control, purchasing, receiving and transferring of products to and from other locations. 

How is BEANZ POS Sw/Hw different than other POS system?

Traditional POS Sw do not support transactions via cryptocurrencies. There are a number of challenges while developing a commercial POS Sw specially with the fluctuation of the crypto prices, the handling and signing off of sale, etc. BEANZ POS Sw and Hw will be developed to support transactions and payments through most of the Stable Coins, altcoins, cards and FIAT currencies.

Business owners can buy OR rent the BEANZ POS system and can scale their business with cryptocurrency.

 The CoVerse

CoVerse is a virtual world software or a collection of many softwares designed to simulate real world experience of being in a Cafe. Unique multiuser experience and atomic design will allow users to interact with each other more naturally and also allow CoVerse CoffeeClubs to be integrated in any third party VR Sw.

CoVerse Stage 1 specifications:

1. Creation of a matrix of Cafes(CoffeeClubs) in the CoVerse space.

2. Allow an individual or a group of individuals to reserve a CoffeeClub for meetings and group discussions. 

CoVerse Stage 2 specifications:

1. Individual Cafe owners can develop, integrate the VR version of their cafe into the CoVerse.

2. Atomic CoVerse CoffeeClubs bought, sold or integrated in any other virtual world softwares. 

The CoffeeClubs

As a part of our mission CoffeeBeans club will also have its own cafes `the CoffeeClubs` working fully with the BEANZ POS solutions. CoffeeClubs assure the investor for a guaranteed return on their investments in the form of buyback and burn of $CBNZ. 50% of the sales from the CoffeeClubs will be spent for buying back the $CBNZ and burning it, this buyback and burn mechanism guarantees further reduction of the total supply.


We plan to set up 1-250 CoffeeClubs in 20 different countries which would also serve as an example for the F&B business of that country to adopt to the BEANZ POS and other CoffeeBeans club softwares and services. The number of CoffeeClubs depends on the value of $CBNZ and the amount of BEANZ Ecosystem reserve after the lock period has expired. 


CoffeeClubs Business Model & BUYBACK Calculations.

Below are some of the sample calculations of how the buy backs of $CBNZ would look like depending on the number of CoffeeClubs that can be established with the 25% reserve.

A period of 10 years is calculated per CoffeeClub independently and this period may end at different times for different cafes. 

Buy back Ex1: BEANZ Ecosystem reserve ~250M$

- No of CoffeeClubs possible = ~250
- Turnover /year/cafe = 200K
              250 cafe`s = 50M$
- BuyBack share 50% = 25M$
- BUYBACK AND BURN in 10Years = 25M$

Buy back Ex3: BEANZ Ecosystem reserve ~25M

- No of CoffeeClubs possible = ~25

- Turnover /year/cafe = 200K               

                    25 cafe`s = 5M$

- BuyBack share 50% = 2.5M$

- BUYBACK AND BURN in 10Years = 25M$

Buy back Ex2: BEANZ Ecosystem reserve ~2.5M

- No of CoffeeClubs possible = ~2

- Turnover /year/cafe = 200K               

                    2 cafe`s = 400K$

- BuyBack share 50% = 200K$

- BUYBACK AND BURN in 10Years = 2M$

ICO Calender

The CoffeeBeans Club wants to raise a maximum of 1000BNBs and a minimum of 500BNBs via ICOs. Depending on the needs we may have 2 rounds or we may conclude only after the 1st round of the ICO. This decision will be taken solely by the team members as per the need of that project. 


Round 1:

- 20th Feb - 2nd March

-  ICO price 0.0001$

- Launch price 0.0003$

- Min purchase 0.01BNB, Max purchase 20BNB.

If we plan to have a round 2 due to increase in demand of the project.

ICO Round 2: 

- 3rd March -10th March

- @0.0008$

- launches after 30 days

CoffeeClubs Donations and TAX waiver!!!

Once the project goals are achieved by 2024 or by 2025, ALL FORMS of tax will either be waived off(reduced to 0) OR donated to the society and investors can trade without any worry of less coins per trade. 

CoffeeBeans Club Roadmap 2022 - 2023

2022 Q1:

- Token Fair Launch

- 1000 Twitter followers 

- 1000 Telegram Followers

- Public ICO 1

2022 Q2:

- Creating CoffeeBeansClub legal entity

- CoinGecko Listing

- CoinMarketCap Listing

- Other  trading platform listing 

- ~2000 - ~5000 holders

- Marketing Campaigns

2022 Q3:

- ~5000 - ~100000 holders

- Other  trading platform listing 

- Finalize theme for the first Coffee club 

- Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other marketing campaigns.

2022 Q4: 

- Contract Audit start 

- ~100000 holders

- finalize the location for 1st CoffeeClub

- BEANZ1.0 Development activities start

- collaborate with local cafes to accept $CBNZ.

2023 Q1: 

- Contract Audit completion

- ~100000 holders

- finalize the location for 1st CoffeeClub

- BEANZ1.0 Audit and wallet release

- collaborate with local cafes to accept $CBNZ.

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